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During spring 2019, Oneflow will be organizing a couple of free breakfast seminars presented by our customers, who would be sharing their personal experiences with Oneflow, and how they use Oneflow in their organizations to increase hit rates and reduce contract cycle time.

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Rethink your flow now.

We challenge you to think differently and break the norms. You'll double your hit rates and gain better control overall in your contract workflow. 

Here's a throwback video on our latest #rethinkyourflow seminar.


Get answers to these questions:


  • Are all e-signature tools alike? 
  • What should you think about when you evaluate an e-signature or contract management tool?
  • Which are the benefits of such tools?
  • How does Oneflow increase sales?
  • How does Oneflow automate your contract workflow, whether if it's a proposal, employment contract, or vendor contract?


Who should attend?


  • CEO, MD, entrepreneur, business owner.
  • Head of Sales, Sales Director, Sales Operations, Sales team.
  • CHR, HR Manager, Talent & Culture team.
  • If you have any interest in digitalization, growth, customer and candidate experience.


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